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15cm Bamboo Skewers (6寸竹簽)

15cm Bamboo Skewers

Size : 100 sticks x 15cm(length)
Brand May Vary
6.5inch Bamboo Steamer (6.5寸竹蒸籠)

6.5inch Bamboo Steamer

Size : 17cm (dia) x 7.5cm (height)

18cm Bamboo Skewers (7寸竹簽)

18cm Bamboo Skewers

Size : 18cm (100pc approx)

Bamboo Wok Brush (洗鑊大竹掃)

Bamboo Wok Brush

Size : 28cm (len)

Bamboo Sushi Mat (壽司卷蓆)

Bamboo Sushi Mat

Size : 24cm x 20cm (extended)
Wok Stand (Ring) (10寸鑊圈)

Wok Stand (Ring)

Size : 25cm (dia) x 5cm (height)

36cm Flat Bottom Wok (14平底倫敦鑊)

36cm Flat Bottom Wok

Size : 36cm (dia) x 9cm(dep)
30cm Flat Bottom Wok (12寸平底倫敦鑊)

30cm Flat Bottom Wok

Size : 30cm (dia) x 9cm (dep)
36cm Round Bottom Wok (14寸圓底倫敦鑊)

36cm Round Bottom Wok

Size : 36cm (dia) x 12cm (dep)
Wooden Rice Scooper (竹飯羹)

Wooden Rice Scooper

Size : 20cm (len)

20cm Flat Bottom Wok (8"平底倫敦鑊)

20cm Flat Bottom Wok

Size : 20cm (dia) x 8cm (dep)
7" Wire Mesh Skimmer With Wide Mesh (7寸鐵線疏炸厘)

7" Wire Mesh Skimmer With Wide Mesh (7寸鐵線疏炸厘)

Size : 19cm (dia) x 44.5cm (len)

38cm Round Bottom Wok (15寸圓底倫敦鑊)

38cm Round Bottom Wok

Size : 38cm (dia.) x 13cm (dep.)
25cm Round Bottom Wok (10寸圓底倫敦鑊)

25cm Round Bottom Wok

Size : 25cm (dia.) x 9cm (dep.)
13cm Steamer Papers (蒸籠紙)

13cm Steamer Papers

Size : 13cm (dia)

18cm Stainless Steel Plate (18CM不銹鋼碟)

18cm Stainless Steel Plate

Size : 18cm (dia) x 3.5cm (dep)
Ta Shun



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