Anna Rice Cracker With Traditional Cane Sugar (蔗糖米通)


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Description:Anna Rice Cracker With Traditional Cane Sugar
Rice Cracker With Cane Sugar From Sukhothai
Solar Dried Rice Cracker In Solar Green House
Best selected traditional cane sugar from Sukhothai

Sukhothai locals usually make Khao Tan & Nang Led rice crackers during the Merit Festival, Songkran and End of Buddhist Lent traditions. In the old days, every family prepared this recipe at home and brought for merit making at the temple. Khao Tan was comment in every Thai household. Nowadays, tasty, aromatic and mellow rice crackers are harder to find. Anna meticulously selects sticky rice and round blocks of sugar cane juice - pronounced with local wisdom and uniquely Sukhothai - to cook this traditional rice cracker recipe. Our rice preparation is dried by sunlight using the Parabola Dome innovation. This gives clean and delicious rice crackers.

Traditional sugarcane juice in round blocks derives from the local wisdom of Thai heritage. Sukhothai is the only province in Thailand where this authentic sugar is still hand-crafted. The production is done during sugarcane harvesting season only from December to April. One block of sugarcane juice is simmered gently for almost three hours. Routinely, the locals carefully prepare this recipe from midnight until the o'clock in the morning. Only ten production stoves of traditional sugarcane blocks are remained today, which the locals of Sukhothai preserve with pride and perseverance.

Anna's rice crackers with traditional sugarcane-juice recipe are aromatic, sweet and mellow. The true and authentic taste from Sukhothai.

Keep in dry place.
Ingredients:Glutinous Rice (68%), Water Melon Juice (14%), Coconut Milk (11%), Tradtiional Sugar Cane Juice (4.5%), Sugar (2.0%), Salt (0.5%).




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