Wang Roasted Seaweed (Yakinori Sushi Seaweed) (壽司紫菜)


  • Brand: Wang
  • Size: 72g
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  • Cuisine: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Singaporean, Taiwanese, Thai, Vietnamese
  • Product of: Korea
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Description:Wang Roasted Seaweed (Yakinori Sushi Seaweed Laver)
(30 sheets)

Sushi Rice
After wash rice several times, drain water ans aside for 20 minutes. Boil strongly the rice with 4 cups of water on a pot for 3 minutes, then keep low heat and cover the pot for 25 minutes.

How to roll sushi
After spread oil and mixed eggs as 1/2 inch thick on a pan, scatter salt. Turn over eggs with low heat not to be burn. Prepare sliced eggs, cucumbers, pickled radishes and crab meat.
Place 1 sheet of laver (sushi nori) on a bamboo sushi mat and spread a cup of cooked rice evenly on the laver. Place other ingredients neatly on the center and roll as the picture shown, and slice as 1 inch thick with a moistened knife.

How to make temaki-sushi
One 1 sheet of laver (sushi nori) cut in half, spread the rice (about 2 spoons) evenly and place sliced pickled radishes, cucumbers and eggs on the rice and roll as the below pictures.
Ingredients:Seaweed (Laver).




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