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Tapioca Starch (Bot Nang) (越南生粉)

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Description:Tapioca Starch

Guiding to make tapioca dumpling:
Mixing dough: Put 400g tapioca starch into cooking pot (keep a bit of tapioca starch for cover). Then add slowly 100C of water into cooking pot and stir well.
Kneading dough: use hand to knead the dough till it becomes a consistent fine mass.
Frying Filling: Shrimp without shell and pork make clean and dry. After that marinate with salt and seasoning powder in a while and then fried.
Model the dough: cover the wooden plate with tapioca starch. Then put the dough onto the wooden plate. Use the roller to flatten the dough into a round and thin layer. Put the filling on the center of the layer, then fold the layer into a crescent to cover the filling. Use two finger to make the border of dumpling stick together.
Boiling dumpling: Add water to cooking pot, and put on cooker, wait until water boiling, put dumpling into cooking pot when dumpling rise to the surface and become transparent take dumpling out. Put dumpling into cool water, then take them out and let them dry. Then put spring onion and oil onto them.
Displaying: Tapioca Dumpling (Banh Bot Loc) are tough and transparent, we eaten them with spicy and sour fish sauce are very delicious.
Ingredients:Cassava Starch.

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Tapioca Starch (三象菱粉)

Tapioca Starch

商品規格 : 400g


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